The Purpose of MC Is to Bring Together Like Minded Riders Who Are Dedicated to Help Those Families in The Local and Surrounding Communities Who Are Fighting an Illness and Needs Help with Medical and/or Living Expenses as Well as Local Volunteer First Responder Organizations. All Members Shall Work Toward This Purpose On a Strictly Volunteer Basis, Abiding to The Bylaws of The MC, As Well as Any and All Applicable Local, State and Federal Laws.


MotorCychos MC Charity Riders was formed by 5 friends who all share a passion for motorcycling. Motorcycles are our common bond and together we share a desire to help our community and those less fortunate.

The idea of starting a motorcycle club was the brain child of our President (BigMike) and our Vice President (Professor) who have ridden together since 2006.

Growing up, co-founder and President BigMike was healthy and never inflicted with any of the normal childhood illnesses or other diseases some kids have to face. He has since been blessed with a child who is happy and healthy as possible. However, he has friends who have watched their children battle cancer and other diseases. His son has watched friends from his school battle life threatening illnesses as well.

Our co-founder and VP, Professor, was diagnosed as a type 1 diabetic at the age of 18. While it hasn’t had any major implications on his well-being, it is something he must deal with on a daily basis. It’s also something he’s seen his father and others struggle with almost since birth.

With this in mind, we set out to create a club that has a focus and dedication to help those less fortunate in our community who have been affected by illness. We wish to accomplish our goals by our deeds, not our words. We are dedicated to helping our community and its members.