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Motorcychos M.C. By-Laws

Article I

The Mother Chapter Will Be Established and Registered as Monroe County, Indiana. Chapters May Exist in Other Cities and/or States Under the Permission and Governance of the Mother Chapter and The Board of Directors.

Article II

The First Chapter Founded in an Area Code Shall Have a Patch That Reads the Area Code Followed by The Word Original. (Ex: Mother Chapter = 812 Original), Second Chapter in an Area Code Will Have Area Code Followed by The Chapter’s County Name. Chapters Will Receive Adjoining County Territory Protection; No New Chapter Will Be Allowed to Start in A County Adjoining the County of an Existing Chapter. New Chapters May Not Recruit Members from A Protected County Without That County’s Chapter Granting Permission.

Article III

The Organization Shall Be Known as MotorCychos Motorcycle Club and Will Be Incorporated as MotorCychos M.C., Inc. Henceforth The Letters MCWill Refer to MotorCychos M.C. In The Rest of This Document.

Article IV

The Purpose of The MCIs to Bring Together Like Minded Riders Who Are Dedicated to Help Those Families in The Local and Surrounding Communities Who Are Fighting an Illness and Needs Help with Medical and/or Living Expenses as Well as Local Volunteer First Responder Organizations. All Members Shall Work Toward This Purpose on a Strictly Volunteer Basis, Abiding to The Bylaws of the MC.

Article V

The MC, Its By‐Laws, Patch Design and Colors Are the Vision and Collaboration of the Five (5) Founding Fathers. Replication of The Patch Design for Any Purpose Must Be Approved by The Founding 5 Or The Board of Directors.

Article VI

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This Article Identifies the Founding Fathers, Board of Directors, Officers Positions, Duties, Election Process and The Steps for The Resignation or Removal of Officers. Covers The Appointed Positions and Their Duties. The Article Also Contains the Membership Levels, Their Definitions, The Advancement Process Through the Levels, Membership Code of Conduct, Rules of The Road and The Discipline Process for Failing to Represent the Club in A Positive Manner.

1.Founding Fathers (Founding 5)

a.The Five (5) Founding Fathers Shall Always Retain a Vote in Officer Elections & Board of Directors Votes, Regardless If They Hold Office or Not.

b.None of The Five (5) Founding Fathers May Be Removed from The MC Without a Unanimous Vote of the Remaining Founding Fathers.

c.The Five (5) Founding Fathers Are Named Herein:

i.Big Mike


iii.Grave Digger